Venus Factor Program and the Starvation Mode Myth

If you have been trying to lose weight for quite some time now, you would have definitely heard of the term starvation mode by now. To tell you in brief, what it means is that if you avoid eating enough amount of food, your body starts thinking that you are starving. Thereafter, in order to conserve energy, it automatically slows down the natural metabolic rate and starts conserving fat by metabolizing the lean body mass instead.

To many, this may seem to be counterintuitive. The whole point of human body conserving fat is that it can count on that fat content in the times of famine. Whenever you eat very little quantities of food, your body automatically starts burning fat content and retains the muscle mass, the exact reason why you lose weight when you are on a certain diet plan.

It is only if you deplete your fat content to very low level and consume very little calories every day, your body resorts to burning lean muscle mass. Women normally reach critically low levels of body fat when the overall fat content of their body is around 13% of their overall body weight. This is considered extremely low. Even seasoned ramp models don’t have fat levels as low as that. Many scientific tests have revealed that these models usually have 16% body fat content and that figure has also been verified by DEXA scans.

The clear message that goes out here is that unless you reach body fat level which is even lower than competitive ramp models, your body is unlikely to get into starvation mode. Please keep in mind that even if you get to that very low body fat level, you will still need to diet further to reduce your daily calorie intake to a level that your body gets into starvation mode.

Although it is an acceptable idea that lowering down one’s natural metabolic rate and regularly using lean body mass requires extremely low-calorie daily diet and very low body fat content. However, an important thing that must be considered here is the concept of balance. It is advisable to never get onto the extreme side of anything or it may result in unpleasant consequences. The same goes for dieting as well. If you diet in an extreme manner, it too will have adverse effects.

Hence, women should avoid severely restricting their calorie intake for any more than five days at a stretch. To avoid any negative consequences, try making up for the lost calories on the sixth day. Rather, it’s a better idea to eat seriously restricted diet only for two days at a stretch.

The main idea here is to create some sort of calorie deficit so that body resorts to burning of fat content. When you get back on a normal healthy diet, your body resets the whole system, resets the hormone levels and hence you feel healthier and happier than before.

John Barban in her Venus Factor program advises women to avoid restricting their calorie intake for no more than five days in a row. You can refer her guide to get many more great insights and lose weight on a consistent basis.

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Most people who are trying to lose weight are well aware of the fact that exercise and dieting are two indispensable things when it comes to consistent fat loss and weight loss. However, a large number of women overlook the importance of strength exercises when trying to lose weight. Women should make note of the point that it is not only cardiovascular exercises which will keep their weight off permanently. Strength training is important as well.

Don’t think you will turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger by performing strength exercises

Women feel terribly afraid of strength exercises as they think they will turn into a masculine body type by performing strength exercises regularly. The actual fact is that the women can never put on muscle, like men do. There is just not enough testosterone in women’s bodies to get that sort of results. Women weightlifters that you normally see on television, who have masculine bodies are usually on steroid injections to get that effect. Vast majority of women weightlifters who are not on steroids, have a more toned up look, enhancing their natural feminine features.

It is more about improving your natural metabolic rate

There is nothing denying the fact that you burn a good amount of calories when you lift weights. However, please note that is only a small part of the benefits you receive. The benefits of weightlifting go beyond that. Lifting weights actually helps you build lean muscle mass, which can make you look great. Furthermore, development of muscles plays a key role in burning calories. The more muscle content you have in your body, the more calories your body will burn. Hence, anyone who pumps muscle in the gym will automatically burn more calories when in resting state.

It is also important to do weightlifting while working out as it can help in preventing loss of lean muscle mass while dieting. Whenever one puts restrictions on one’s diet, the body automatically derives its energy from muscle mass. However, scientific studies have revealed that by indulging in resistance training during dieting period, one can prevent such loss of muscle mass.

Eventually, after you are done with your workout, your body also gets a significant boost to its metabolism. The science behind this is that the body automatically gets to the job of muscle tissue repair after workout. This requires calories and energy, which in turn contributes to weight loss and also improves the natural metabolic rate of the body. Hence, it is recommended to do work out with weights for a minimum three days per week. Doing so can significantly enhance your body’s metabolism.

Be careful while you workout

For women, it is extremely important that they target the right muscle groups while working out with weights. Anyone who already has big shoulders, must avoid shoulder weight exercises and rather focus on other areas of the body that require fat loss. For more details regarding targeting the correct muscle groups while working out with weights, refer Venus Factor by John Barban.

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You all may have heard of different types of strategies to undergo fat loss or weight loss on a regular basis. Right diet plan constitutes an integral part of all such strategies and plays a key role in keeping the lost weight off permanently.

It is important to understand that what all you eat is not as important as the amount of calories you consume from all those food items. Talking about junk foods in specific, although they might taste great, they have certain properties to make people overeat. A large section of people, women in specific, are prone to consumption of excessive calories in the form of so-called healthy food items while following certain fitness regimes, only to realize their mistake later when their program fails to deliver the expected results.

There is another section of women who consume excessive quantities of nuts and seeds thinking of them to be healthy food items. Please make note of the fact that nuts and seeds actually consist of high amount of calories and consuming lots of them can completely defeat the whole purpose of trying to lose weight. The amount of calories you consume collectively from nuts and seeds alone are way more than the amount you get by consuming three meals in a day.

Having a handful of nuts will do no harm and are more than enough to fulfil a woman’s daily calorie needs. But the important point is that they don’t do much to relieve your hunger pangs. The so-called healthy food items make one believe that they have less amount of calories. In the similar manner, the food items which are shunned as unhealthy give the impression that they consist of excessive calories. Please make note of the fact that unhealthy and healthy categories of food have nothing to do with the amount of calorie content in the respective food items. Hence, you must only focus on the calorie content of every food item you eat.

Once you have gained control over your daily calorie intake, your weight loss program is bound to deliver the desired results, regardless of whether you are eating unhealthy or healthy food items.

A large number of people in fact never experience weight loss just because they consume excessive quantities of so-called healthy food items. They would fare comparatively much better if they were to consume less quantities of their favorite food items instead.

Hence, it is important that you completely do away with the idea of unhealthy or healthy food items and rather focus completely on your total daily calorie intake. That is what will determine the results of your fitness regime. Who cares what is the source of calories as long as you are able to keep them within your programs recommended guidelines. There is no weight loss fat loss program in the world which can deliver results if you indulge in overeating. To get many more such important tips, especially focused on women weight loss, refer Venus Factor weight loss guide for women.

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